Our services

Below are the 2 persons who will contribute to make your stay unforgettable!

Jean et  Rosalie  jean et rosalie 


Jean is the housekeeper. He will welcome you and help you during your stay. He also will be able to give you all  the information and advices needed about shopping,  organization of excursions, places to visit, restaurants...

He is the reliable man of the house, the one who will find everything you will need. 

jean arrose le jardin Jean bucheron Jean "mesureur" Jean gardien Jean maçon Jean pailleur

 Rosalie is the wife of the house. She prepares the house with great care for your arrival. Bed linen and towels are changed and cleaning is done by her once a week .


Thanks to her presence we are able to offer services such as half board or full board and various household services too.
Refer to the rates below.


Rates include Rosalie's services only.  Foodstuffs will be payable upon presentation issued by the seller. Each day you can choice the meals you would like to : european or senegalese ones.
Of course,  all the funds collected back to Rosalie.
Prices are in euro and CFA ( fees in the village: 1 euro = 650 CFA) 


Price per meal = 1500 CFA (2,30 euros)
 It includes: shopping, cooking, washing up.


It includes all the house tasks, at your convenience : shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing up, bed linen change...

 Length  Rates in euro and cfa
 1 week (except Sunday)
 2 weeks (except Sundays)
 3 weeks (except Sundays)
 1 month (except Sundays)
 punctually, per day
 30 euro  19 500 CFA
 50 euro  32 500 CFA
 65 euro  42 250 CFA
 75 euro  48 750 CFA
 7 euros  4550 cfa


Skewers of monkfish 
Grilled fish of the day 
Lamb chops 
tieboudjen (rice and fish stuffed with garlic, parsley, salt, pepper ..) 
tiebouyapp (with meat) 
yassa fish (grilled fish, onions, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon / white rice separately) 
Chicken Yassa
thiou meat 
thiou fish 
okra soup (okra, palm oil, onion, garlic, eggplant and bitter choice fish, shrimp ...) 
Senegalese or Moroccan couscous (semolina wheat or millet) 
sweet and savory fritters of all kinds

Taste them in the european way or friendlier in the Senegalese way by eating with hands!


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