Village of Popenguine
on the Small Coast

 Popenguine is a senegalese coastal village   located 65km south from Dakar and 20 km north from Saly, on the Small Coast. It is a very lovely, relaxing and exotic place. Beside, the current President of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade owns there its second home.  

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plage et falaises
Popenguine is an authentic bush village of 3,000 inhabitants and 380 households   It is located next to  the coast along which extends a huge sandy beach practically deserted and ended with the famous cliffs of Popenguine.

Far from the mass tourism of Saly, the village has managed to preserve all its authenticity (nature reserve bearby) and its soul. Popenguineis an ideal stating base for excusrsions and will allow you to discover the Senegalese way of life and its charming inhabitants.

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